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Chinese Sailing Event ---Lake Cup Regatta Welcomes You

2020-03-09 美国-英语

New York, Oct. 2, 2018 (GLOBENEWSWIRE)—The Lake Cup Regatta unfolded annually in October is the first sailing race event held in Jinji Lake in Suzhou, China. The Jinji Lake is the largest intercity lake in China and is located in the business center equipped with many commercial complex, exclusive residential departments, cultural art galleries, expo centers, music halls and opera houses, and featured by a large population, prosperous economy and beautiful sceneries.


Founded in 2011, the Lake Cup Regatta has been successfully held for 8 editions and generated far-reaching influence in China’s lake sailing event. The past 8 races have witnessed not only the increasing influence of the sailing event, but its expansion from sailing race to sailing training, experience and original innovations and leisure tourism, which has earned great support from local government.

The Lake Cup Regatta begins at the second week of October and lasts for 4 days annually and has 30 plus standing awards. This year the 9th edition the Lake Cup Regatta will stage from Oct.11 to 14 on Jinji Lake in Suzhou, China. It has had J80, DC20, FH750S and OP teenager group and will add Round the Buoy Race of Powered Paraglider in the near future. We hope to see more and more international sailors and regatta lovers at the event. 

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