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Advance Inkjet Printing System-PE Corrugated Pipe CYCJET ALT200plus Portable Inkjet Printer


With the continuous development of society, the requirements of the building materials industry in coding are becoming more and more standardized. As one of the best-selling building materials products,---plastic corrugated pipe is generally extruded in a pipe-making machine by the "plastic" method. It has become more and more widely used in construction projects. It is mainly used as a water supply system for house construction Piping, drainage, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipes, underground drainage pipe systems, rainwater pipes, and threading pipes for supporting the installation of electrical wires. That's why the ink jet coding machine more & more important for products trace.

Due to the different diameters of plastic corrugated pipes, and the different depths of corrugated grooves with different pipe diameters, it is generally necessary to print industry standards, models, batches, logos, specifications and other contents on the groove surface, but traditional printing technology printing distance is very close, and it is impossible to print deep grooves, especially grooves more than 15mm; And it is difficult to work, easy to print errors, blurred with other problems. ALT200 plus portable Industrial inkjet printing system developed & produced by CYCJET, It can completely solve  above problems, available to clearly inkjet coding and marking on pipes with different pipe diameters and different groove depths.

CYCJET ALT200Plus online inkjet printer can be used for multiple purposes. The exquisite and compact design is more ergonomic. Quick-drying ink can be used to various  plastic materials without pad printing, even during transportation, it will be make sure the inkjet code information is complete without remove. As an industrial-grade portable inkjet printer, all parts are industrial-grade, and can continuously work normally under different temperature and humidity or other harsh production environments. It has wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low use cost and maintenance cost. For extremely plastic products, whether it is flat, curved or uneven, this industrial inkjet printer can be code, which can help customers increase the brand value of products, but also effectively reduce the running cost of customers.

Taking into account the use of pipe extrusion line, CYCJET ALT200plus high resolution inkjet printer adopts a more compact and portable design concept, so that the inkjet coding system can be effectively integrated with the pipe extrusion equipment, improve the continuous working stability of the continuous inkjet printer, reduce or avoid the situation that the extruder cannot produce normally due to the failure of the inkjet printer. At the same time, the machine designed with a 7-inch touch screen operating system, which makes the machine more intelligent and humanized, allowing operators to edit printing message more conveniently and quickly, and realize the high-resolution printing of logos, bar codes, QR codes, and text.

CYCJET is the a brand name of Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than 15 years experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Fly Laser printing solution, Industrial inkjet printing solution in Shanghai China.


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Working video:


2. https://youtu.be/KiUxrrz91k4

3.. https://youtu.be/vmiI9JyqgPA

4. https://youtu.be/IDHWubntPwI

5. http://youtu.be/CcYB_HI8dzM

Contact Person:

Contact Person: David Guo

Telephone: 86-21-59970419, Ext.8008
Email: sales@cycjet.com
Website: http://www.cycjet.com/

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