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XCMG launches X-GSS at Bauma China 2020, shows how to go digital in machinery manufacturing

2020-11-25 HAIXUNPRESS

  • X-GSS manages spare parts inquiries through data sharing; it tailors a solution for all equipment that guarantees accurate, comprehensive and timely spare parts support.

  • X-GSS provides a personalized user experience – multiple query methods, presentation modes, six languages and universal operation.

  • X-GSS makes service operation more intelligent with real-time tracking, visible control of the construction process; the digital twin of service models and smarter maintenance.

 -HAIXUNPRESS- XCMG (000425.SZ), has launched the XCMG-Global Service System (X-GSS) on the opening day of Bauma China 2020 in Shanghai. 


XCMG launches X-GSS at Bauma China 2020, shows how to go digital in machinery manufacturing.

To improve spare parts services, XCMG has developed the full life-cycle service information system to provide accurate, value-added and satisfactory maintenance support for global customers.

X-GSS is a crucial digital product as XCMG makes the jump from factory to market, after years of integrated R&D, manufacturing and service operation. It makes full use of the product data collected through IoT. It optimizes the presentation with AR technology to give customers and service personnel an intuitive and visual digital service experience.

"The construction machinery industry has been presented with new challenges and opportunities since the onset of the digital age. To better serve our customers and embrace these changes, XCMG looked to develop a 'digital service' providing more value to global customers," said Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG. 

The system integrates market service data of maintenance reporting, equipment operation and spare parts replacement to improve the company's operational service capabilities. By converging with IoT, the system is also able to monitor and guide the service personnel.

With more than 77 years years and more than 30 in digitization, the company reached a breakthrough with the launch of X-GSS:

  • Achieves high-efficiency, high-quality and rapid creation of digital service information, and bilateral collaboration in digital R&D;

  • Performs coordinated management of digital service information based on the product's full life cycle;

  • Aids interaction of spare parts service and maintenance support among dealers, customers, service and technical personnel.

Nearly 150,000 XCMG machinery products currently have related digital products ensuring accurate and prompt maintenance services.

On the opening day of Bauma China 2020, XCMG released the first 5G intelligent cabin for road machinery, which enables operators to gain real-time information through VR glasses and demonstrated the remote operation of a road roller in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. 

As the world's first company to apply driverless cluster construction technology, XCMG also unveiled a self-driving road roller driving efficiency, cost, quality, safety, operation and supervision improvements in the industry.

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